Yarn Bombers in Action

I live in Minneapolis, which is a beautiful city packed with urban bike trails and lakes. But there are a few months–namely November and March, when the leaves are off the trees and there’s little to no snow–that are pretty depressing.


That’s why while writing the story on Yarn Bombing for UNBORED (pages 196-197), my kids and I decided to prettify a  concrete corner of our world. While yarn bombing isn’t illegal–yarn tags can be easily taken down–it’s also a little more fun if you can put up your yarn tags when no one can see you.


That’s why we decided to tag a stairway near us after it got dark. We used headlamps so we could see the embroidery needle and yarn we used to attach the tag to the post. They also made the entire experience feel a bit more stealth, which is always fun. Here’s the result.