Tony Leone — Art Director

By Josh

The art director and designer of UNBORED is Tony Leone, of Tony Leone Design. He and I are old friends; back in the Nineties Tony was art director of Hermenaut, a DIY intellectual zine/journal that I edited and published. Around the time we started working on UNBORED, he and I started renting a studio space together; we still do. Here’s Tony going over some UNBORED layouts.

My co-editor/co-author Elizabeth Larsen visited us at the studio for a week, in order to put final touches on the book. That was fun! But I live in Boston, and she lives in Minneapolis, so most of the time we collaborated over the phone and email. We used Google Docs, which made everything much easier than in the old days, when you’d have to mail documents back and forth.

In future posts, we’ll talk about the book’s illustrators, Mister Reusch and Heather Kasunick.

Here is the American Institute of Graphic Arts’ Best of New England (BoNE) Show award which UNBORED won!

Oh, here are some layouts in progress. Those cryptic notes on the Post-Its have to do with color saturation, I think.