Stop-Action Movie

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Some of the projects we present in UNBORED are ones that we had never tried ourselves until we started writing the book. But stop-action movies have been popular in my household for a long time! In fact, I used to make stop-action (and live-action) Playmobil movies for my kids when they were too young to do so themselves. It’s fun for the whole family.

In the photos from the book shown above, you can see my son Max (with a band-aid on his thumb)and his friend Jon making a stop-action movie about an evil knight, a good knight, and a monkey. After shooting it, they edited it and added a soundtrack. Here is that video:

UPDATE: Below is a cool claymation movie sent to us in January 2013 by Catherine Newman, of the excellent momblog Ben & Birdy. Catherine and her children (Ben & Birdy) were inspired by UNBORED; Ben did the filming and editing, Birdy and Catherine did most of the clay work.

Catherine notes: “The children have been doing stop-motion animation for months, and their independent work is wholesome and lovely: lego gift-giving scenarios, paper circles cutting themselves into snowflakes, stuffed cats rolling over. But for some reason, as soon as I got involved…”

We want brickfilms from you, too! Parents — upload your kid’s or kids’ video (e.g, to YouTube or Vimeo) and email us a link to the video along with info about your kid’s/kids’ first name(s) and city/town.

PS: In addition to offering how-to tips on making a stop-action movie, UNBORED features a list of “Best Ever Stop-Action Movies,” from The Gumby Show (1955–89; ask your grownups about it) to A Town Called Panic (2009). We also review a few stop-action iPhone apps…