Yes, we have no Spudzooka

Sharp-eyed readers of UNBORED might notice that the title spread for Chapter 4 (ADVENTURE) promises a feature — along with “Make Seed Grenades,” “Cryptozoology,” “Build Your Own World,” and many others — titled “Build a Spudzooka.” A spudzooka is our term for “potato cannon.” However, search as you might throughout Chapter 4 and everywhere else in UNBORED, you will not find a spudzooka feature.

What happened to the spudzooka? Here’s the story.

We did have a potato cannon story. My sons and their friends and I spent several days researching how to build a spudzooka, actually building a spudzooka, and testing the spudzooka. We were very careful. We wore safety goggles and gloves at all times. We used the proper materials. We observed safety precautions.

I wrote the spudzooka feature, and Mister Reusch illustrated it. It looked amazing!

However, at the last minute, our publisher — in particular, our publisher’s lawyers — decided that the spudzooka didn’t belong in UNBORED. It’s just too dangerous a project. So we cut it and replaced it with another great project. However — it was too late, at that point, to change the “Build a Spudzooka” image on the title spread for Chapter 4.

That’s the story! Not that we’re encouraging you to build a spudzooka, because they are very dangerous… but if you and your grownups want to do so together, check out pps. 203-213 of Ken Denmead’s excellent book, THE GEEK DAD BOOK FOR ASPIRING MAD SCIENTISTS.