Peter Schleisman — city enthusiast

By Elizabeth

UNBORED contributor Peter Schleisman wrote about interning at an architecture firm (page 29) and his favorite skyscrapers (page 117). In his free time, Peter plays hockey and tennis and is learning to play drums, tuba, and trombone. He lives in Minneapolis and is in eighth grade.

Peter loves traveling to big cities with his family and wants to be an urban planner. That’s why his favorite computer game is Cities XL 2012, which allows players to design and build cities.

One of Peter’s favorite places to visit is Chicago. Here are his favorite things to do.

  • Go to the restaurant at the top of the John Hancock Center. It looks over Lake Michigan and offers the same great views as the observatory, but has shorter lines. Not bad for the price of a soda (which is all you have to order to hang out there). Peter says to skip the more famous Willis Tower because it is too crowded.
  • The Terrace at Sixteen at the Trump Tower. This very fancy restaurant has incredible views of downtown Chicago and the Chicago River. This is a good summer option when you can skip the restaurant and instead head outside to the terrace and order a lemonade.
  • The Museum of Science and Industry  has so much to do that you could easily spend an entire day there. Peter especially recommends the museum’s Smart Home exhibit, which is  a house kitted out with all the latest eco-innovations.
  • Swimming at Oak Street Beach is also a summer must, especially jumping off the high sea walls.
  • A Chicago River Architecture Tour is a boat ride on the Chicago River. A unique way to learn about the city’s history.