Zoe Cordes Selbin — unschooler

By Elizabeth

Perhaps the most gratifying aspect of working on UNBORED was collaborating with amazing young people who are out in the world doing what they love. One of those people is the lovely Zoe Cordes Selbin.

I’ve known Zoe since she was born because her mom (UNBORED ubercontributor Helen Cordes) is my colleague, mentor, and friend. I remember visiting them in Georgetown, Texas when Zoe was attending a Montessori preschool. She took me on a tour of her entire classroom, stopping at the cage of a small rodent she described as a “tiny kitty cat gerbil.” While she might not have been exactly correct about the animal’s genetics, the girl had ideas and wasn’t afraid to express them!

That was the last school Zoe ever attended. As you can read about in UNBORED (pages 28-31), she was homeschooled starting when she was 5-years old. Not going to a traditional school allowed Zoe to pursue her passion for the indie music scene when she was still in elementary school.

By the time Zoe was in high school, she was working and interning at radio stations, record labels, booking agencies, and public relations firms. Today she’s a sophomore at The University of Texas at Austin, where she is majoring in advertising and has been called “the darling of the Austin (TX) music scene” by Tribeza magazine. Follow Zoe on Twitter to learn more about what makes her tick.

First page of Zoe’s UNBORED essay — click on image for larger version