Meet Our Mouse House Expert

By Elizabeth


One of UNBORED’s main themes is to discover and celebrate what interests you. That’s why we love our friend Madeline’s mouse house, which is really more like an apartment building. The 12-year-old 7th grader started by upcycling a clementine crate and decorating it for her collection of stuffed mice.

One thing lead to another and pretty soon Madeline was stacking box on top of box and breaking out the glue gun to create furniture out of found objects. She even attached pieces of Popsicle sticks to an old Tic Tac container to make a teensy treadmill. Those mice need to stay in shape, after all!

We weren’t able to include a photograph of Madeline or her awesome creation in UNBORED. But now that we have a website, we’re happy to give you an insider peak into her room and her workspace. To read Madeline’s tips for building a mouse house, check out page 149 of UNBORED.