Make a Nifty Holiday Gift



We love homemade holiday gifts and this activity, which is from founder Jean Railla, takes less than an hour to complete and costs almost nothing. The material for this project comes from something you can find at almost any thrift shop or yard sale—an old vinyl record. Your grownups might even be willing to give you a record that they don’t play any more.

You’ll need:

* An oven (and an oven mitt or pot-holder)
* A cookie sheet
* An oven-safe bowl, about 10 inches across the top and 4½ inches across the base
• Aluminum foil
• A 12” vinyl record

IMPORTANT! Ask your grownup for help with anything to do with a hot oven.

Try this:

* Preheat the over to 200 degrees.

* Cover your cookie sheet in aluminum foil.


















* Place the oven-safe bowl on the cookie sheet, top side down.

* Balance the record on top of the bowl.



















* Place the cookie sheet with the bowl and record into the oven, and bake for five minutes.

* Using the oven mitt or pot-holder, remove the cookie sheet from the oven and place the tray on the stove-top. Your record should now be flexible but not too hot to handle—however, the bowl and cookie sheet will be quite warm—so be careful!



















* Quickly remove the record from on top of the bowl with one hand, and—using the oven mitt or pot-holder, with the other hand (or with your grownup’s help) flip the bowl right-side up. Push the warm record down into the bowl to give it shape. Manipulate the record’s sides until you’re satisfied with how they look.

* Let the record cool for 15 minutes. Presto! You have a super-cool bowl that can hold baseball cards, jewelry, and your favorite stuff. If you want to cover the hole in the record, use some tape.