Jessamyn West — radical librarian

By Josh

Some people call UNBORED contributor Jessamyn West, who wrote the “Do the Research!” article (about using a library and doing research online) on pp. 206–207, a “rock star librarian” or an “internet folk hero.” But Jessamyn modestly insists that she is mostly a Vermont-dwelling librarian who teaches people how to use computers — and who runs a massive group blog called MetaFilter (MeFi, for short).

Jessamyn travels around the country teaching other librarians how to use computers — and the Internet — and writes and sends a lot of postcards along the way.

Here are a few other fun facts about Jessamyyn:

* She went to the Democratic National Convention as an “official blogger” in 2004.

* She wrote a book about the digital divide and another one called Revolting Librarians Redux.

* She has had a blog since 1997 — before most UNBORED readers were born.

* She makes moss terrariums in her spare time.

* She has been to all 251 towns in Vermont.

PS: Here is a 2008 picture of me and Jessamyn with a member of the hacktivist group Anonymous: