Jean Railla — craftster

By Josh

We wanted a craftivism manifesto in UNBORED, so who better to write it than Jean Railla, who founded GetCrafty.com in 1997. The New York Times credited this website and online crafting community with sparking the hip crafting trend!

Jean’s craftivism manifesto appears on pp. 140–151 of UNBORED. And as a bonus, on p. 142 Jean tells you how to transform an old vinyl LP into a very cool bowl.

Jean has consulted on the creation of the online handicraft market Etsy.com, penned a column for Craft magazine, and founded the food blog Meal By Meal. She lives in New York City with her boys, Sydney (9) and Sebastien (7), and husband Stephen Duncombe.

Jean recently shared the following Fun Craft Facts with us:

1. I am better at starting craft projects than finishing them.

2. I like “punk-rock crafting” — i.e., sewing without patterns, making up my own designs, cooking without recipes.

3. When I started GetCrafty.com, people thought I was crazy. No one thought crafting would be considered cool.

4. I published my book Get Crafty: Hip Home Ec in 2004. It’s a guide to living a creative life and a manifesto for the new domesticity.

5. I love thinking about food, history and the domestic arts so much I went to graduate school in Food Studies at NYU.