In-store UNBORED events

By Josh

This post is a note to booksellers and librarians. Do you want to host an authorless UNBORED event? Then download the PDF linked to below:

Unbored authorless event kit PDF

UNBORED is crammed with nearly 200 unique, educational, and always kid-friendly activities designed to appeal to kids aged 8–13. If you’d like to throw an UNBORED event at your library or store, our publisher (Bloomsbury) has prepared a guide packet containing instructions and a list of supplies you’ll need to make sure all of your attendees are unbored for a story hour or an in-store gathering. The activities in the guide include: becoming a yarn bomber, making your own magazine, making a no-sew stuffed animals, decorating your sneakers, making a kumihimo braid, and telling your politicians what you think.

ALSO! Bloomsbury will supply your library or store with supplies (for example, yarn, cloth markers, string for braid-making — for several of the activities, for up to 10 people — if you request them before December 15, 2012. Your venue will need to provide, e.g., rice, socks (for stuffed animals), paper, white sneakers to decorate. Just a warning — a workspace where markers, rice, and glue are welcome is necessary.

Making our own magazines

Get started by clicking on the PDF link above!

If you take photos that we can show off, please email them either to Bloomsbury Marketing or to the UNBORED editors — or both! Include the kids’ first names, and the name of your city or town…

PS: The authors do like making store appearances! (See below.) We just have a tight travel budget.