Ginia Bellafante — critic

By Elizabeth


Ginia Bellafante has been a staff writer at The New York Times for over a decade, starting as a fashion critic and then spending five years reviewing TV programs. In 2011, Ginia began writing a column called Big City–check out this very interesting story about how some kids don’t have access to the kinds of educational toys your grownups probably like.

We asked Ginia to share some of the tricks of her trade with UNBORED readers. The result is the seriously helpful and insightful “How to Criticize Everything” essay on page 230.

Ginia lives with her husband and son in Brooklyn, a borough of New York City that’s  known for being a great place for families. If you ever visit, she highly recommends that you check out these attractions:

  • Brooklyn Bridge Park: If you’re not from New York, you might not know that some of the most jaw-dropping views of Manhattan are from the area right around the Brooklyn Bridge. The new Brooklyn Bridge Park is not only insanely gorgeous, it’s also crammed with fun things to do, from playgrounds to volleyball courts to fishing to picnicking.
  • East River Ferry: Another Brooklyn Bridge-area favorite, the East River Ferry connects Manhattan with neighborhoods in Brooklyn, Queens, and Governor’s Island. Ginia and her family love to take it to Williamsburg (another Brooklyn neighborhood, which is famous for great restaurants and a fun flea market).
  • Lucali: Consistently voted New York City’s best pizza, this restaurant in the Brooklyn neighborhood of Carrol Gardens is a must-visit.