Geoff Manaugh — visionary architecturist

By Josh

Geoff Manaugh wrote the only piece of original fiction in UNBORED. We weren’t planning to publish any fiction, actually. We’d asked Geoff — who is the author of BLDGBLOG, a website launched in 2004 to explore architecture, spatial fiction, planetary science, cities, and myth; and author of The BLDGBLOG Book — to write about some of his favorite examples of far-out homes: houses underwater, houses underground, etc. Instead, he wrote a four-page-long story (which we titled “Home Quest”) about far-out homes, many of which are real places, some of which aren’t.

Geoff was nervous that we wouldn’t want his story, but we were thrilled! And Mister Reusch had a really fun time researching and drawing the homes that Geoff mentions.


* Geoff is a former senior editor of Dwell and a contributing editor at Wired UK.

* In 2011, Geoff became co-director of Studio-X NYC, an urban futures think tank run by the architecture department at Columbia University.

* He is working on a book about how burglars view architecture! Geoff says: “The idea is to look at how burglars see the built environment, how buildings can be ‘mis-used’ in the commission of crimes, and, in reverse, how architecture is seen from the perspective of those who seek to prevent it being undercut or, I suppose, violated, i.e. cops, FBI agents, homeowners, and so on.”

* When he was a kid, Geoff moved a lot — mostly in rural environments. He is particularly fond of a tiny town in central Wisconsin where he made friends who lived on farms. He recalls: “We’d make forts out of hay bales and spend whole afternoons just exploring old barns and running around on rooftops and telling ghost stories about the seemingly endless expanses of (the much taller than we were) corn.”