Geocachers around the planet have hidden over a million caches (containers, often filled with prizes) and uploaded their latitude and longitude to They can be anywhere — perhaps right in your own neighborhood. On pp. 321–323 of UNBORED, Chris Spurgeon (who also contributed a feature on mapping and navigating) explains how kids can train their grownups to geocache.

Chris explains how to get started, how to avoid disappointment, how to zero in on a hidden cache, what to do once you’ve found a cache, and how to avoid “muggles” — a term borrowed by geocachers from the Harry Potter books.

Because I was working on UNBORED, my kids and I got excited about geocaching, so I ended up contributing a “Hiding and Seeking Tips” sidebar to Chris’s feature. I talk about how to use a geocaching app, how to be prepared for a hike in the woods, how to hide a geocache of your own, what geocaching lingo like “TFTC” and “UFO” mean, and the importance of the “cache in trash out” ethos. The photos of my kids and their friend Jon shown here are outtakes from the photo shoot for the “Hiding and Seeking Tips” sidebar.