Garage Sale Tip

UNBORED’s “Garage Sale” feature (page 221-222) is crammed with tips for how to successfully sell things you have outgrown or no longer use. This summer, my kids and their cousins had a mega-garage sale of items that their grandmother (my mom) wanted to get rid of when she moved to a smaller house.

It was a great event. The kids did everything from sorting and pricing merchandise to advertising by wearing costumes and waving signs. Unfortunately, the experience also taught us that there’s an important piece of advice that didn’t make it into UNBORED:  Keep your pricier merchandise close to the cash station so that you can always keep an eye on it!

Let me explain: Amongst a lot of traditional garage sale stuff–old towels, wastebaskets, glasses, plates–my kids included a few of their grandmother’s nice things that she didn’t want, including a glass squirrel and a crystal panda bear. Within the first hour of the sale, they vanished. As in poof. Gone. (They were displayed at the now empty bottom right corner of the above photo.)

Losing these items wasn’t the end of the world. The sale was a huge success and the kids gave what was left to charity. But if you are having a garage sale and want to sell things that you know are worth more than a few dollars, keep them in view.