Flourish Klink — fan fiction expert

By Josh

Flourish Klink is the Chief Participation Officer of the Alchemists Transmedia Storytelling Co. She also lectures in the department of Comparative Media Studies at MIT. She is the author of innumerable works of fan fiction. And she wrote a feature for UNBORED on how to get started writing fan fiction.

Here is an excerpt:

Think like a villain
Why do villains do what they do? Why do they think it’s OK? Remember that almost every villain thinks they’re doing the right thing, even when they’re most in the wrong. Rewrite your favorite heroic story from the villain’s perspective.

Pick a story you hate and make it better
Is Transformers boring because nobody has a real family with real problems? Write a better Transformers story. Think that Cinderella should’ve given her stepsisters a piece of her mind? Write it! Heck, give Cinderella superpowers while you’re at it.

Write a sequel to a story that you love
What happens after the credits roll? Do Han and Leia ever get married? Do Beauty & the Beast ever get bored with each other? What’s going to happen after they find Nemo?


* Flourish’s birth name is “Madeline” — but she renamed herself because more people knew her by her online handle, “Flourish Klink”.

* She helped incorporate her first nonprofit when she was fourteen. Flourish says: “So: you can too!”

* She can wiggle her ears without moving the rest of her face or head. Flourish says: “This trait is supposedly both genetic and learned; so you might have the gene but not have learned how to do it yet.”

* She has earned black belts in two martial arts. Flourish says: “An important factor in why I began studying martial arts: so I could learn to use every weapon in Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. I succeeded! (Pro tip: in real life, Raphael’s weapons, sai, are not sharpened, even though they look like they should be.)”

* Her dad is an artist, so her house was filled with weird and disturbing art — for instance, a picture of a burning building with a man on fire lying on the ground in front of it. Flourish says: “When I was a kid I was always surprised that my friends got so freaked out by the art in our house!”