Build and video an obstacle course













My daughter Luisa just turned 8 and her favorite activity from UNBORED is “Build an Obstacle Course” on page 126. At first, she wanted me to help her come up with ideas for the actual course. I gave her a few possibilities, including throwing a basketball through the trapeze on our climbing structure, and using the Hula-Hoop that’s been sitting near our birch tree for almost three years. That’s all she needed to get the gears turning.

Luisa is lucky because our backyard is already an obstacle course since we’re not great at putting away our stuff. In fact, our 3-year-old friend Jude from down the block recently took home a matted and frankly kind of gross robotic parrot that had spent a winter underneath our slide.

Here’s a photo of the space under our climbing structure. Obstacle course materials galore!













Even if your family meticulously puts away every basketball or lacrosse stick, it’s easy to create an obstacle course. Go to your basement or garage or storage bins and start taking stuff out. Then imagine how you can use each item. Just make sure there are no nails sticking out. Also check to be sure there aren’t any huge holes or divots in your yard–you don’t want to twist an ankle.

Here’s a video of one course Luisa invented. We want videos of your obstacle courses, too! Parents — upload your kid’s or kids’ video (e.g, to YouTube or Vimeo) and email us a link to the video along with info about your kid’s/kids’ first name(s) and city/town. Can you do an obstacle course in a park or even in your apartment?