Braid Your Hair

My daughter Luisa and I went to the Minnesota Renaissance Festival last weekend. I’ve gone since I was in middle school and love it for a million reasons, the most important being that you can dress up and try out a new (old?) identity. (Need proof? Check out the guy in the above photo.)

My friend Fatima and her daughter Leela went in full costume. That’s them with the long (detachable!) braids and princess outfits posing with some official Renn Fest employees. Fatima’s costume was so amazing that random people walked up to her and requested photos.

Luisa didn’t want to dress up, but she did decide to get her hair braided by a woman who travels from Renn Fest to Renn Fest turning unkempt locks into ordered beauty.

Luisa’s hair is a combination of French braids and a zigzag part. Neither are hard to do, once you know how.













Here are a few videos to show you how to do it yourself. First, the French braid:



And here’s the zig zag part: