Amazon User Reviews of UNBORED

Here is a complete-ish list of all the Amazon user reviews of UNBORED, so far. We’re very grateful!



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* “UNBORED is the ZOOM! Catalog for the 21st Century, and it couldn’t have arrived at a better time.”

* “This is the book you wished you’d had as a kid — an excitable compendium of activities with a range to suit every kid’s taste, from intro parkour to DIY audio production to old-school knot mastery to ‘citizen science.’ My 7-year-old son said he ‘got an inspiration’ from this book. I didn’t even know he knew the word inspiration!”

* “Will be dog-eared as winter sets in and I’m struggling for activities with our kids.”

* “It’s smart and quirky and fun.”

* “My husband has been scouring it for activities and my kids have been bookmarking it future fun.”

* “I’m planning to buy this for both of my children’s teachers — they will love it in their classroom libraries. It will also now be our ‘go to’ gift for any child aged 8 to 13!”

* “My 8-yr-old LOVES this! I keep catching him after bedtime with a flashlight reading and giggling & plotting. This is the perfect thing to distract the videogame-obsessed kiddo.”

* “This is definitely the perfect field guide for making your own fun, but it’s so much more than that. It includes parenting tips, home remedies, and other contemporary child-rearing advice. It contains amazing reviews of books and movies from a variety of genres. AND it’s for older kids.”

* “UNBORED is a must-have for families. It is engaging and inspiring. It treats kids with great respect and presents them with a world of opportunities involving music, art, and science.”

* “This is a highly entertaining and inspiring collection of activities and ideas, Unlike many advice books this one doesn’t make you feel inadequate or overwhelmed. This book is all about fun, adventure… and encouraging the basic joy of living. Paging through the book makes you feel like a kid again… and that’s the perfect frame of mind to be in when you’re looking to inspire your own kids. In an age when we often over-program our kids, this book helps us remember the value of imagination and the luxury of unplanned time. Keep this book close at hand. You and your kids will love it.”

* “I remember making Valentine boxes, and the designing, planning, gathering materials, making and correcting mistakes, and having a finished product that reflected ME was a good way to learn to problem solve and make decisions in a child-centered activity. UNBORED provides this type of learning, which the schools, with their emphasis on direct instruction, drill, and high stakes test preparation, have forgotten how to teach. Increasingly, when we look at whether our children are well-prepared from college, we realize that they don’t have these skills, which in education, are called ‘self-regulation (planning, problem-solving, goal setting, etc.).’ I believe UNBORED helps move kids to be more self-regulated and to have fun while developing this much needed skill. It also promotes autonomy — which we want kids to have in this highly complex world — the ability and confidence to handle themselves on their own.”

* “Wow, what a find. I scooped this up because of the cool graphic design, and then I was blown away. So many of my friend have kids! So no watching cartoons, or videogames, when they come around — [instead] we can make a cartoon, or read about the history of videogames.”

* “Wonderful book. My 9 year old son loves it. Will definitely keep him unbored! Lots of original and creative ideas.”

* “I just received this book a week ago, but can already tell that it is in a league of its own. There is so much info and it is obviously directed at both kids and adults. Years of fun for every age and parenting style. I especially love how [they] sneak in exciting excerpts of some of my favorite novels by HG Wells and others. A much better way to get a kid to pick up Dracula than a list or recommendation. Indoor, outdoor active or sedentary this book, no encyclopedia, has you and your kids covered.”

* “Depending on the age of your kids this can be an independent activity book or a shared guided activity book.”

* “My twin niece and nephew immediately took to this book and were reading items to each other. Good for both boys and girls.”

* “I recommend this to people who do not want to use TV as their main entertainment.”

* “The piece that sealed the deal for me was one on roughhousing rules. Of course kids want to roughhouse, so show them how to play it safe! This book reflects the balance my family strives for between adventure and security.”

* “Occasionally my son will give me the ‘I’m bored!’ thing (code for can I play video games now?). So the last time he resorted to this I handed him this book. Within a few minutes there was clearly much discovery going on and questions like ‘Do we have a (fill in the blank), I want to make/do/try this (again fill in the blank).’ So plenty of imagination-sparking ideas and helped him manage to fill the better part of a day with many plans for more. I hope they come out with a second version soon!”

* “I think that the author[s] must have known my son… because every single page is filled with perfect fun for this 10 year old boy! I appreciate that this book is not written for drones, but rather intelligently mixed with a some playful antidotes and commentary that forces some thought and a whole lot of laughs. This is perfect fun for a child (and parent) who appreciates fun, quirky, and slightly mischievous adventures.”

* “What great ideas, without costing a lot of $$$! I recommend this to people who do not want to use TV as their main entertainment.”

* “Filled with project ideas, and a vein of personal responsibility (no really, you WANT to clean your room!) Best of all, it inspired my kid to make projects that are NOT in the book, something that typical craft books generally have failed at in our experience.”

* “Couldn’t be happier with this book! I’m thrilled to give my grandchildren a choice of entertainment other than video games, malls, and movies! This book is categorized and organized to make it a simple book for the children to follow, read, and explore on their own – or with Mimi’s help!”

* “I picked up this book from my library and found that we just couldn’t live without it so I bought a copy of it.”


In the only negative user review we’ve received, a grandmother who bought the book first complained that UNBORED uses some challenging vocabulary (e.g., cryptic, curmudgeonly, fabrication), then warned: “Party pooper I must be, this book may be fun for some to read but contains too many activities that would end up in disaster if emulated.” This curmudgeonly review evoked the following thoughtful responses…

* “The book is utterly, intensely, irrefutably child-friendly. And by ‘friendly’ I mean doing kids the service of showing them fun end-runs around a) techno-enabled childhoods of passivity and enervation and b) mollycoddled pre-adolescences in which nary a knee gets scraped.”

* “As a grandmother with 6 grandchildren ranging from 1-13 years of age, and as a former teacher, now professor of education, I find UNBORED a refreshing change to the usual litany of ‘educational’ activities generated to be ‘adult-approved.’ Instead, the activities leverage creativity, imagination, links to a world becoming increasingly technologically- and media-oriented, and commonplace materials and equipment. The activities are also wholistic — requiring planning from beginning to end. Additionally, children and youth can engage on their own, with friends, and with family members — including watchful parents and grandparents. … So, hip grandmothers (and grandfathers) with smartphones, who aren’t afraid to get dirty, make mistakes, use a little technology and engage with media, this is the book for you!”

* “As an elementary school teacher … UNBORED is a fantastic resource for after-school programs, teachers, summer camps, parents of bored children, and for children themselves.”

* “My tween son and I are finding great projects and inspirations for his Unschooling/Homeschooling activities with UNBORED! I appreciate that it encourages and challenges him to step … outside of his comfort zone.”

* “What’s wrong with challenging kids with new vocabulary? Both of my sons have longed to ‘Explode Things’ before this book was even published! … I like for them to explore this world without holding my hand all the time. I think UNBORED is great for encouraging and inspiring kids’ curiosity.”

* “This book is refreshing, fun, and exactly what is needed in a society that is cookie-cutter and oriented to selling children ‘stuff’ rather than creating experiences for their healthy development… This is an innovative read that deserve accolades!”

* “I’m a woman about your age. As a child I often read the dictionary and encyclopedia, frequently at the top of the tallest tree in the yard. I ran around outside most days, resulting in many skinned knees ignored unless extremely bloody…. All under the watchful eye of my grandmother, who probably worried, but was smart and kind enough to let me be me.”