Alka-Seltzer Game

Here’s a fun summertime activity about which we wrote, and of which we shot many photos… but in the end, it didn’t make it into UNBORED.

It’s very straightforward. First, you drill holes in some Alka-Seltzer tablets and thread them onto pieces of string, forming necklaces with one Alka-Seltzer apiece. Then, everyone who is playing the game puts on one of these necklaces. Then you start squirting water at each other, with whatever sort of squirt gun you happen to have. The idea is to make your opponent’s or opponents’ tablets fizz up and fall off the necklace before your own tablet does.

You can run around squirting at each other, or you can make it more of a duel. (That is to say, where you begin back-to-back, take five steps away from one another, turn and fire. And keep firing.) You can even tape the tablets to your forehead, but I wouldn’t want to get Alka-Seltzer in my eyes; if you do this, make sure to wear goggles.

Here’s a tip: When drilling the Alka-Seltzers, they seem to break less often if you leave them in the packets.