The UNBORED team — coauthors Josh Glenn and Elizabeth Foy Larsen, and designer Tony Leone — are friends who got tired of lamenting the fact that we couldn’t find any activity books for families who enjoy getting unbored both indoors and outdoors, online and offline. So we decided to make one.

Our inspiration? Do-it-yourself guides from the 1970s like The Whole Earth Catalog, maker/builder websites like Instructables and Make, parenting blogs, old scouting manuals, and even Neal Stephenson's sci-fi novel The Diamond Age.
Hardcover, 352 pages

We figured that UNBORED would be our only book, so in its 352 full-color pages, you’ll find everything from our own kids' favorite apps, DIY building/making projects, and crafts to science experiments, and instructions on building everything from a remote-controlled water blaster to a cigar-box guitar.

Expert essays by materials scientist Deb Chachra, food historian Tom Nealon, 3-D printing whiz Bre Pettis, and craftster Jean Railla, among others; Best Ever lists; a comic on the secret history of videogames; Q&As with the polar explorer Ann Bancroft and author Kate DiCamillo, among others; Train Your Grownup features; and classic lit excerpts.

Paperback, 176 pages

In the fall of 2014, Bloomsbury published the paperback UNBORED Games. In its 176 (full-color, richly illustrated) pages, you’ll find the rules to dozens of indoor, outdoor, online and offline games, including: back of the classroom games, bike rodeo games, jump rope games, alternate reality games, clapping games, apps and videogames, secret-rules games, drawing games, rock-paper-scissors games, card and dice games, backyard games, guerrilla kindness games, stress-relieving games, and geo-games.

Expert essays by gamers Chris Dahlen, Catherine Newman, Stephen Duncombe, and Richela Fabian Morgan; Best Ever lists; DIY game-building projects; Secret History Comics; Q&As with Apps for Kids podcasters Mark and Jane Frauenfelder, Anomia inventor Andrew Innes, and others; Train Your Grownup features; classic literature excerpts; and brain-teasing Mindgames.

UNBORED Adventure
Paperback, 176 pages

In the fall of 2015, Bloomsbury published the paperback UNBORED Adventure. In its 176 (full-color, richly illustrated) pages, you’ll find adventure apps, adventure gear, adventure skills (from building a fire to open-mindedness), adventure-building projects (e.g., bean shooter, box kite, ghillie poncho, paracord bracelet, upcycled raft), indoor adventures (e.g., sewing your own ditty bag, survival origami), instant adventures, and outdoor adventures (from the pervasive game Assassin to fire-pit recipes to shootin’ craps).

Expert essays by adventurers Chris Spurgeon, BikeSnobNYC, Catherine Newman, and Liz Lee Heinecke; Best Ever lists; Secret History Comics; Q&As with Joshua Foer and Dylan Thuras of Atlas Obscura, Playborhood author Mike Lanza, and urban biking activist Elly Blue, among others; Train Your Grownup features; and classic lit excerpts.

Our third book was also well-received. We think it’s our best book yet! But a whole new phase of the UNBORED project was just beginning…
Survive a long car trip while having a blast with a kit packed full of activities! The UNBORED Road Trip kit will keep your family entertained for hundreds of meaningful, memorable miles.

Kids and parents alike will enjoy the nonstop boredom-busting fun: from car bingo (with bingo stampers), mapping activities, and drawing games the whole family can play. The kit includes containers for collecting souvenirs, a book light, a cinch pack, a travel-size whiteboard, and conversation-starting cards. Kids can even plot their travels with stickers on a map of the USA.

The 20-page Field Guide to Hitting the Road includes the rules to our all-time favorite car games — including State Plates, A to Z, Wackronyms, Fizz Buzz, and The Mundane Game. Also: Tips on getting the most out of the kit’s contents, and recipes for snacks to pack before the trip.

The box becomes a suitcase that you can decorate with included stickers!

What’s next for UNBORED? Stay tuned!
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— Josh, Elizabeth, & Tony